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Ladies at a smoothie buffet.


How to Detox Your Retox

The first rule of Retox is you must Detox. Not only will you feel better about yourself, but your body (and mind) will thank you. On a recent FUEL Weekend trip to W Dubai—The Palm, we spoke with fitness expert Bec Donlan to understand exactly what she does to bounce back from any level of Retox.

Variety of beverage and breakfast options


While Bec doesn’t drink coffee, if you are a coffee-drinker, don’t stop when you’re hungover. That headache you have? It’ll double-down from withdrawal. While you need to ensure you stay hydrated, a few sips should tide you over until you recover.



An assortment of donuts and pastries

High proteins and natural fats

Staying away from sugars is key, but you should eat some high-fat foods. While most people think you need to eat greasy food to “soak up the alcohol,” the fact is whatever is causing your need to detox has been digested and processed by your body—there is nothing to “absorb.” The real reason you feel terrible is because you’re dehydrated and have low blood sugar. Eat healthy fats—like avocado or a lean protein—to prevent blood sugar drops. Pastries when you’re hungover aren’t a great idea for your mood as the sugar combined with carbs can spike insulin and boost dopamine. This means that your body spirals to get its levels back to normal while trying to detox from a fun night. Save sugary carbs for when your body is less vulnerable, your hangover will thank you.



Cup of coffee and breakfast plate

Get creative cutting out the sugar

Peanut butter on toast can be a great way to balance out your blood sugar while getting some healthy fat into your system. You might find yourself reaching for the jam, but stop yourself—anything that will spike your blood sugar will cause another crash later on. Instead, go for berries which are packed with vitamins and antioxidants and use that to add a little sweetness on your toast.



Skip harsh, acidic juices

Step away from the OJ. While it might be tempting to chug a cold glass of vitamin C, the acid mixed with sugar will wreak havoc on your plan to detox. Instead, opt for a cucumber juice that comes packed with electrolytes and potassium, keeping you hydrated and lowering your blood pressure—win / win!

Ladies at a smoothie buffet


If chewing sounds like a nightmare, a smoothie can be just the thing to get you on the road to recovery. Try a smoothie with a coconut water base (for added electrolytes), berries, protein powder, dark greens, chia seeds and avocado. Remember: healthy and natural fats are important for your body and help to balance out sugar.



Sliced watermelon and kiwi on a plate

The thirst can be pretty

Water can seem boring, but one way to brighten your prospects of chugging the recommended liter of water post dehydration is to add fruit. Watermelon, cucumber, herbs like mint, citrus, and dragonfruit will help you feel better, fast. Added bonus is you get to eat your garnish when you’re done!



Outdoor yoga class

Work out

This seems obvious but working out kicks off detoxes in a serious way. While you should always hydrate pre-workout, especially after a night out, sweating can help boost your endorphins and adrenaline, elevating your mood and motivation. Plus, burning off any indulgences from the night before would make anyone feel better.