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Betty Who is sweeping fans off their feet with her snappy dance jams. She’s a sonic product of the Y2K musical generation and has edged her way into today’s global pop elite. This summer, the Aussie hit maker toured to hype up her sophomore album, The Valley, including a stop at the newly unveiled W Bellevue, outside Seattle. The party’s energy hit a new high when Betty brought her fly beats and sparky melodies to the stage. After the gig, we caught up with the starlet to get her advice on staying fresh on the road, and how to trust your creative instincts.

Welcome back to Bellevue! When was the last time you were in town?


BW: The last time I was in Seattle, we were on the first leg of my Party In The Valley tour! It was honestly one of my favorite shows of the whole tour (and I don’t just say that about everybody). I think it was the first time I felt like I could really enjoy myself because I had finally nailed the show, and knew everything backwards and forwards.  It was such a great time. We went to yoga before the show, walked around a little. It’s such a beautiful city it’s not hard to have a good time.


You’ve just arrived in your hotel room after a long day of travel. What’s the first thing you do?


BW: Turn on CNN, drink a big bottle of water, and lay down!  Traveling is exhausting!

Betty Who posing in front of bookshelf in disarray

Tell us a little about your un-packing habits in hotels. Do you fully unpack and get settled in, live out of your suitcase, or a little bit of both?


BW: I rarely get to spend more than 24 hours in any city, so I have a very specific packing ritual that lets me unzip and live without needing to unpack. Packing squares are my secret. They let you pack so much more and keep things separated. I have one for stage clothes, one for street clothes, one for workout clothes etc. It makes my life much easier.


Do you have any pre-performance rituals? What gets you amped up before a show?


BW: I hype myself up every night by listening to music with my crew. We’ve all been friends for so long so I love being able to unwind and hang out and dance and have fun for a little while before the show starts. Then ten minutes before show time we all huddle up, someone gives a hype up speech, and we take a shot together.

Betty Who leaning against a large window

If you could perform with one person, living or dead, who would it be?


BW: I would have to say it’s my dream to dance with Britney Spears. Her choreography is some of my favorite, and she was my absolute favorite pop star when I was a kid. I feel very lucky to have grown up in a Britney-N’Sync era. It’s informed so much of my artistry.


You’ve cited Katy Perry, Robyn, and Miley Cyrus as influences. Who are some of your other female icons?


BW: Beyonce, Britney, Jennifer Lopez, and Rihanna are probably my four favorite pop stars. I have been such a fan of pop music my whole life, and these four women work tirelessly to put on an incredible show every night. They all are strong, dedicated, and have taken so much crap from so many people along their careers. I deeply admire their determination to be the best.

Betty Who standing in front of a fully stocked bar holding a shaker

What advice would you give your younger self, that you’d give to young women today?


BW: Trust yourself. Learn about yourself. Put time and effort into being the best “you.” When people challenge you—and they will challenge you—know without a shadow of a doubt that you are exactly where you’ve always wanted to be. Don’t listen when people say you can’t because you can.


We are returning to your native Australia next year with a new W Brisbane property. Any tips for us as we head down under?


BW: OMG I’M SO JEALOUS!  Drink lots of the coffee because it’s the best, and have so many Aussie breakfasts for me! With extra baked beans and avocado toast, obviously!