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W PRESENTS is a global live music series curated by W Hotels, spotlighting a diverse array of emerging and established artists who embody our distinctive sonic identity.

Launched in 2023, W PRESENTS has toured with top acts like Channel Tres, NEIL FRANCES, and Aluna, and is expanding globally this year. This multi-city event has electrified audiences, solidifying W Hotels as the ultimate music destination worldwide.

Join us as we travel to North America, Canada, Europe, Asia, and Central America, where each artist will bring their unique and live sound to life.

Coming soon to more than 20 destinations

Past Events

A female dj with long blonde hair, wearing headphones, is focused on mixing tracks on a pioneer dj console under vibrant stage lighting.
Two stylish men in a dimly lit room with modern lighting, one fixing his pink hair, and the other looking down, both dressed in elaborate outfits.
A vibrant nightclub scene with a crowd of people enjoying the music under blue lights, with a large illuminated letter 'w' on the stage at the center.
A stylish woman with green hair sitting on wooden stairs, wearing a white crochet dress and black boots, under a large geometric ceiling art piece.
A man joyfully playing an electric guitar onstage, wearing a green tie-dye shirt and a white bucket hat, surrounded by an enthusiastic crowd.
An enchanting outdoor music performance at night under a canopy of glowing red lanterns, featuring a vocalist in the center flanked by a keyboardist on the left and a guitarist on the right.
A woman in a denim jacket and large earrings looks pensively upwards, surrounded by abstract red neon sculptures and reflective surfaces.
A dj mixing music at a night event, surrounded by illuminated, oversized pink decorations hanging above the dj booth, creating a vibrant and immersive atmosphere.
A vibrant crowd enjoying a night out at a modern club with neon lighting and a live dj visible onstage, creating an energetic atmosphere.
A dj in a tie-dye shirt manipulates equipment at a nightclub, surrounded by a crowd and dim, colorful lighting.
A dj with blonde hair, wearing headphones and a sequined outfit, performs at a club with blue neon lights and a vibrant
A woman in a blue crop top focused on playing a red nord stage 3 keyboard at a lively event with onlookers holding smartphones.
A musician performing on stage at a concert, engaging with an excited crowd under colorful stage lights.
A female dj at a club, adjusting her headphones, with vibrant orange v-shaped lighting in the background. in the foreground, a crowd with raised hands, one holding a smartphone capturing the scene.
A young drummer wearing headphones performing at a dimly lit venue, illuminated by warm ambient lighting, intensely focused on playing a drum set.
A vibrant nightclub scene with a diverse crowd watching a dj perform under a disco ball, illuminated by red and ambient lighting.
Two women walking through a futuristic tunnel with intricate wall patterns, one in a gray sweater and skirt, the other in a black coat and pants, illuminated by pink lighting.
Dj in sunglasses and a shimmering top performs at a console, illuminated by bold blue neon lights forming triangular designs in the background.
A dynamic low-angle view of a musician playing guitar on stage, with a large illuminated pedalboard in the foreground and glowing blue lights in the background.
A musician in a hat playing an acoustic guitar at night, illuminated by warm ambient lights with soft, glowing lanterns in the background.
A male dj adjusts equipment while a female guitarist plays beside him, illuminated by vibrant vertical light bars in a moody, club-like setting.

Guided by the visionary direction of LP Giobbi, W Hotels Global Music Director, W PRESENTS offers a unique and immersive blend of music and lifestyle experiences worldwide.

LP leads the global music direction, handpicking artists who embody a passion for sound and a commitment to inclusivity and diversity in music.