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1 Room, 1 Adult, 0 Children
  • Room
    1 Room
  • Adults (Maximum: 6 Guests/Room)
    1 Adult per room
  • Children (Maximum: 6 guests/room)
    0 Children Per room
Four friends ascend a grand staircase, smiling and engaged in cheerful conversation. the ambiance is warm, highlighted by elegant architectural details.
Four people in elegant outfits walk through a grand hallway with arches, smiling and interacting playfully with each other. two women and two men, one guiding a woman by the shoulder.



We view luxury as the freedom to be yourself. To be as you are and to pursue what you want, whenever you want. Unencumbered and at ease. Letting go and letting loose is half of the fun; boldly living in the now, even if just taking a moment to reflect in the thrilling comfort of a new city, is what we’re all about. The term luxury as we’ve all known is changing. Liberating it is the way forward.


W Hotels was forged in the social electricity of New York over two decades ago, and we’ve been at the forefront of lifestyle hospitality ever since. Yet the vanguard has shifted. We now see this leading edge as being more design-forward, more localized and more personal – without giving up the community connections we’ve long catalyzed.
W Hotels New York - Union Square


Feel the energy our team brings to every interaction, making your experience unforgettable, personalized, and unique.

We believe in delivering luxury without boundaries, providing a stage for self-expression and a world of infinite possibilities.



W Hotels programming sparks conversations and connection – fostering a sense of community among travelers in social causes, music, art, wellness, design, culture, food, and drink.
A man dances confidently in the center of a lively party, surrounded by a diverse group of people clapping and cheering, in a warmly lit room.
A group of young adults dancing joyfully in a dimly lit room. the focus is on a man in the foreground with extended arms, wearing a light beige suit and smiling subtly.