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What to Know

A scenic view of a coastal park featuring a large rock formation, a pond with white bridges, lush greenery, and a panoramic view of the calm sea with boats in the distance. People are walking along the pathways and enjoying the serene atmosphere.

Nautical Inspired Design

W Xiamen is located in the bustling east business district, near by Xiamen exhibition center, directly adjacent to the city’s newest shopping landmark – onemall. Inspired by Xiamen’s nautical history and diverse culture, W Xiamen’s Illuminated Sound Garden’ design philosophy, including 286 contemporary guest rooms & suites, is set to take center stage.

Talk Like a Local.


/lai qi to/

Come and play. The relaxed lifestyle of the locals.

Passionate about life and more happy and relaxed during breaks.

Closest Airport

GAOQI International Airport;




Chinese Yuan(¥)

What to Do

A narrow street with old, multi-story buildings under a bright blue sky. People walk along the path, with some greenery visible at the sides and a palm tree in the distance. The buildings have a mix of red and green doors, and an awning hangs from one building.

Gulangyu Island

Gulangyu Island is a small island in Xiamen and the whole island is like a water garden. It’s the most beautiful place in Xiamen. You can go there by ship. it is not allowed to drive on the island. So it is quiet. You can hear the sound of a piano. As a result, it is called “the island music”.

Huandao Road

Huandao Road is one of the famous tourist attractions in Xiamen. It’s a road that goes around the seaside, and the scenery there is absolutely enchanting.You can ride bicycles or take a stroll along Huandao Road and enjoy the beautiful sea view and coconut trees. Moreover, you’ll also get to see Xiamen’s most famous beach – Baicheng Beach!

Xiamen University

It’s a famous university located in Xiamen. Xiamen University has a beautiful campus with a unique blend of modern and traditional architecture. It’s also located by the sea, so you can enjoy stunning views.

Two Live House

Full House and A House next to the hotel and music culture is everywhere.

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