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What to Know

W Singapore - What to Know


Located on the Tropical Island of Sentosa, W Singapore – Sentosa Cove is located near the Sentosa Cove marina with amazing views on the South China Sea and nearby several paradisiac beaches and attractions for both families and intrepid travelers.

Talk Like a Local.


/lɛ́/ or /lé/


Used to soften a command, request, claim, or complaint that may be perceived as brusque otherwise.

“Let’s go, leh!”

Closest Airport

Singapore Changi Airport (SIN)


Singapore Dollar (SGD)



What to Do

W Singapore - What to Do

Gardens by the Bay

A trip to Singapore is not complete without a visit to Gardens by the Bay in central Singapore.


Have you ever tried a cocktail infused by ants?! Check it out at Native, the only bar in town to create drinks using locally foraged ingredients.

Universal Studios Singapore

Experience the magic of Southeast Asia’s premier theme park, Universal Studios Singapore. From heart-pounding rides to immersive shows, dive into a world of excitement inspired by your favorite blockbuster films and TV series.

Sentosa Sensoryscape

Embark on an extraordinary journey where the essence of Sentosa‘s natural beauty comes to life. Traverse from lush ridges to vibrant reefs in a day-to-night exploration. Engage your senses with captivating scents, mesmerizing sounds, and captivating light displays, transforming every moment into an unforgettable adventure. Welcome to a sensory experience like no other.

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