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    1 Room
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What to Know

A woman sitting on a couch in a room with large windows.


Polanco is one of the most vibrant neighborhoods and is home to W Mexico City. The hotel surroundings offer an extraordinary mix of bars, fashion boutiques, cultural spots, and international cuisine must-visits. In the hotel, guests can enjoy dining at Trivvu, our terrace, or indulge in a meaningful treatment at our Away Spa.

Talk Like a Local.

Que chido!

(keh chee-doh)

Casual expression to say that something is really cool!

“Que chido is the hotel”

Closest Airport

Mexico City International Airport (MEX)


Mexican Peso (MXN)



What to Do

A woman and a man, both dressed in formal attire, stand closely together, holding hands and looking upwards. They are outdoors, with leafy trees and a historic-looking brick building with ornate architecture in the background.


Chef Lucho Martinez is ready to delight you with this original fine dining concept. A tasting menu that constantly changes and always uses Mexican ingredients. Lucho is a fan of Japanese techniques, so you can expect something unique.


Indulge in a unique dining experience at a speakeasy-style restaurant nestled on a serene terrace. Enter through a quaint cafe, climb a few flights of stairs, and emerge into a hidden culinary oasis crafted by Chef Ana Dolores


Embracing our prehispanic roots, this bar offers a unique selection of agave distillates such as mezcal, sotol, bacanora and raicilla, creating an inspiring and unforgettable experience.

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