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    1 Room
  • Adults (Maximum: 6 Guests/Room)
    1 Adult per room
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    0 Children Per room

What to Know

W Hong Kong - What to Know

Treat Yourself

The spa at W Hong Kong offers a Vital Dome Detox Experience of 360° fully surrounded healing infratherapy that will make you feel like a million bucks.

Talk Like a Local.

靚仔 Leng Jai 靚女 Leng Lui

/’lāng – jäi/
/’lāng – lū ee/



Pretty boy, pretty girl

“Leng lui, hi, how’ve you been?!”

Closest Airport

Hong Kong International Airport (HKG)


Hong Kong Dollar (HKD)


Cantonese, English

What to Do

W Hong Kong - What to Do


A speakeasy hidden behind an umbrella shop, located in the heart of the city but tucked away to avoid the rowdy crowds. Custom martinis tailored to your palette, hidden rooms, and live music playing — you’re in for a good night here.


Flirt with your senses at Ophelia. The elaborate interiors seduce you with decadence, designed by Ashley Sutton. Paying homage to the Far East, waitresses are decked out in traditional cheongsams and the hidden corners throughout the space are a nod to the 19th century upscale opium dens.

Mott 32

Gorgeous interiors throughout the entire restaurant that provides a romantic ambience, or just an intimate vibe for family. A modern take on Chinese food, as well as transforming local beverages into new cocktails.

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