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Roger Frampton

Roger Frampton Shows Off Fit Tips to Make You Move

Roger Frampton Shows Off Fit Tips to Make You Move

Fitness coach, best-selling author, and international model Roger Frampton stays fit and never sits still.



Frampton stands squarely against the sedentary lifestyle, and he doesn’t parse words, telling a TED Talk audience that sitting down “destroys you.” Minding the importance of conscious movement, Roger created The Frampton Method, which encompasses a combination of bodyweight exercises that mixes aspects of gymnastics and yoga. Harnessing the weight of your body is a natural way to condition your muscles anytime and anywhere. “I always make time to stretch my body,” he says. “Looking after your body is like brushing your teeth. It doesn’t matter how long you do it for—just do it!” Though these are advanced moves, Roger breaks them down in his book.


To check out his free three-part video series on becoming flexible, strong and pain-free, head over to www.roger.coach/register



We caught up with Roger at W London where he shared three quick and effective exercises that you can do anywhere: by the pool, in the hotel gym, on your terrace, or in your bedroom.

Straight Arm Headstand
  1. Kneel seated on the floor placing your arms behind you, palms down and pressing into the floor. Place your forehead down and curve your spine.
  2. Push into the ground to lift your hips over your head. Tighten your abs and bring your legs over your body.
  3. Hold this position, maintaining straight, strong arms. To add difficulty, curve your body in a pike like position.
Pistol Squat
    1. Lower into a squat position with heel firmly on the ground, feet hip distance apart and facing forward, arms extended.
    2. Transfer your weight into the heel of first foot- this creates spaces to extend and shift the opposite leg forward.
    3. Push through the heel of the standing foot to lift slowly in the standing position. Imaging pushing a hole through the floor.
Press to Reverse
  1. Sit on the floor, bend your knees, arms extended wider than your shoulders on the floor behind you.
  2. Press up into the floor and press hips forward and squeeze your bum.
  3. Move back and then lift forward into a reverse plank. Tighten abs and squeeze.
Roger Frampton
Roger Frampton


What was your favorite part of the workout?


RF: The headstand. Being upside down makes me happier!



What was the most challenging part?


RF: Repetition. These are hard positions to repeat, so it takes a lot of practice to perfect them and do several reps of each.



What is your go-to workout when you are feeling lazy?


RF: Stretching! If I’m feeling tired I’ll do relaxing stretches and if I have lots of energy I’ll focus on moves that require strength.

Roger Frampton
Roger Frampton


What’s a good snack to eat after exercising?


RF: Peanut butter and jam sandwich. It’s so tasty and a great vegetarian and vegan option as peanut butter doesn’t actually contain any butter!



And if you’re hungry enough for a meal?


RF: The vegetarian burger at the W London is great! I love a veggie burger after my workout!



When traveling, do you have any tips to stay healthy and active


RF: Try and sit on the floor instead of chairs (where you can). Find your local park and walk around it. Walk to sites or to meetings if you can. Use the hotel bed as a stretching device.

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